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Hello loyal Play It Koi Fans!

We appreciate your business and value your feedback!

One of the newer ideas we’re exploring at Play it Koi is if we should offer bundled packaged subscription. The goal of these subscription services is to make it super easy and painless for our customers to maintain their pond -- so they can spend more time enjoying them and less time and hassle worrying/working to keep these ecosystems healthy and happy.

We want your input: We’d love to hear your input and feedback on what types of subscription bundled offerings you think would be most valuable to you as a customer.

What’s in it for you? In exchange for your constructive feedback, you’ll earn an additional discount of 10% off your first product and/or service order. We’ll send to you a coupon code as soon as we review your feedback (typically same day respons)



Three Types of Packaged offerings under consideration: 


1) Koi Food only bundles (available Nationwide): Fresh bag of XX Koi Food arrives on your doorstep every 60 days, your choice of type and size of bag. We have 3 options to choose from dependent on your climate throughout the year.

We’ve noticed that customers typically fall in one of three categories and have a fairly similar buying pattern for Koi food. These categories include: 

  • Cold climate food offering (Avg Temperatures above 54 degrees typically April-Sept) – includes a GOOD Discount off list /per bag
  • Moderate climate food offering (Avg temp above 54 degrees typically March-October ) – includes a BETTER Discount price/per bag
  • Year round food offering (those in warmer climates) - includes our BEST discount price/per bag

2) Basic Service + Koi Food at your door (only available in Greater Seattle area). Package includes 3 checkup visits per year with delivery of food. 

In each visit, we will:

  • Complete a full water test Panel screen - diagnostic to ensure you are keeping your koi in top water quality.
  • Perform 15-30 minutes of vacuuming/scrubbing/cleaning, additional minutes offered for purchase as needed.
  • Inspect each component of your koi pond setup to ensure proper functioning and safety.
  • Drop off A new bag of Koi Food


3) Full-Service offering (our Best Package) includes:

  • 8 On site visits (1 each month while temp is above 54 degrees) includes;
  • 10-15% water change approximately 1 x per month March-October
  • 30 min maintenance per visit: Vacuuming, cleaning, or inspection services (15-30 min each visit)
  • Fresh bag of koi food delivered to your door step every 3rd (every 60 days)
  • 10% discount on all Koi fish & Plants purchased
  • 5% discount on all Products or additional services purchased



We’d love to gain your feedback and reaction to these sorts of offered servicees/subscriptions, including any new offering ideas you'd like to see. Please reply to this blog to share with us your feedback and we will respond fairly quickly and reward thoughtful replies with your coupon code for an additional 10% off any item in the store. Thanks and talk and we look forward to earning your business! 



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  • I like the idea of the koi food bundles. That is something I can see myself and others subscribe too! Everyone needs koi food after all!

    Eric on

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