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Aquascape Snorkel Vault and Cap


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Product Description:

Aquascape has designed and patented a very efficient filtration system for large scale water features. The Wetland Filter consists of the Snorkel Vault and Centipede Module, which has been specifically designed to alleviate an assortment of common water afflictions that can accompany large water features.

Modular in design, the filtration system can be expanded and customized to meet the needs of the builder. The adaptability of this filtration system allows it to maintain a water feature up to 1 1/2 acres, or a smaller feature with a large fish load. It can even be easily retrofitted onto existing pond environments!

The Wetland Filter works on earth bottom and liner membrane ponds to improve and maintain water quality. It works to remove sediment from the pond, and strip excess nutrients to reduce the presence of algae. Lessening algae growth within your pond environment ultimately results in less chemical maintenance.

The Snorkel Vault & Cap plays an important part in this specialized filtration system. This piece is the cleanup component of the filter, which attaches to the centipede. Each vault contains four ports, allowing it to connect to up to fourr centipede modules. For extremely large bodies of water multiple Snorkel Vaults can be utilized.

  • Used in the assembly of the Wetland Filter System
  • Primary cleanup component of the filtration system
  • Requires the Large Centipede Module for operation
  • Contains 4 ports to house up to 4 Centipede Modules
  • Larger features may require multiple Snorkel Vault