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Canna Chaquita Punch (Potted)

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This is dwarf canna will often stays just 2 or 3 feet tall and flowers through the heat of summer into fall. Plant in a wider container or even outside the pond and keep watered. Like sunny areas with fertilizer and heat. Not great in the cooler summer areas. Green foliage below the prettiest orange flowers on any canna we offer. Grows at water surface to 5 inches below the water line. Best for warm or hot summer areas.

Chiquita Punch creates a unique statement with brilliant orange blooms with yellow highlights. Canna lilies are wonderful in the garden. Huge iris-like flowers.They're really wetland plants, and can grow in moist ground. They are good at taking care of themselves, so pick out a sunny spot in your garden or yard and let it flourish. 

Attracts Hummingbirds!

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