Colocasia Nancyana Nancy's Revenge Taro (Potted)

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TARO Colocasia esculenta nanciana Elephant Ear 

This dazzling elephant ear, Colocasia 'Nancy's Revenge' was introduced at the 2000 International Aroid Society meeting in Florida, where it was the most desired plant at the show. Emerging solid green, the 25" wide light green leaves begin turning butter cream-yellow along the center. The color then pours down into the main vein creating a huge bold Y-pattern in the center of the leaf. Coloring starts in spring, shortly after the first leaves mature. It sends out lots of side stolons which will root into the soil where moisture is adequate. The more moisture the larger the plant will grow.

  • Light: 65%-73% shade, likes high light, but will do reasonably well in 80% shade
  • Soil: aerated mix containing bark, coarse perlite and peat moss
  • Mature Height: 4-6'
  • Hardiness: Zone 7b
  • Origin: Caribbean
  • Note: Potted plants are intended for in-store purchase/pickup. If you'd like one shipped to you, please look for the bare root option.