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Dreampond Water-Tight Sock Net


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Having a hard time relocating your large fish? Want to move your big koi without the worry of damaging them? Your answer is finally here. Dreampond now offers a Koi sock net designed to safely handle, and move big or small fish. With one hand you close grip the open end of the net and with the other hand you guide the fish into the safe netting using the handle.

Fish that are being contained have a tendency to flash, and move around. With the careful design of our product the materials used are fish safe, and do not scratch, snag, or trap the fish while handling them. Whether you are a professional fish keeper or a new hobbyist our sock net will be a great addition to any fish keeper wishing to safely handle delicate fish.

Dreamponds sock net is made from a waterproof material that can hold water! so your fish never have to struggle out of water while you are moving them.

  • Sock Net - Holds Water 
  • Aluminum frame: 12" diameter
  • Aluminum handle: 12" length
  • Blue waterproof cloth: 39" length
  • White Net cloth: 15" length