GC Tek Mashimizu AquaBead Complete System with Pre-Filter, Pump, Filter and UV Clarifier


Model: Mashimizu 1.75
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GCTek products are not eligible for order discounts. All GCTek filters are built-to-order, and fulfillment timing varies based current order volume. Ships freight, which extends shipping time and requires you to be present at delivery. Trucking company will call to schedule appointment.

The Mashimizu System from GC Tek is the answer for pure water. Everything you need for crystal clear water -- prefiltration, pump, filtration, and UV clarification -- are all included with all-weather pads for easy installation. Hand-tightened unions are used to assemble the plumbing. The system is labeled and then disassembled for shipment, so you won't need a crew of people. Upon delivery, reassembly will take less than an hour!

Prefiltration - Vortek SS Delux
The Vortek SS Deluxe separates debris prior to the pump. Heavier debris settles out of the water column, and lighter debris rises into the floating media pac where it is held in a relatively calm area until back-washing. Back-washing is a simple procedure, with a built-in media agitator to loosen debris beforehand.

Pump - Artesian2
Artesian2 pumps combine high efficiency and reliability in an external, self-priming pump that will last for years and provide great electricity savings. The carefully designed pumps provide high flow rates with minimal noise.

Filtration - AquaBead
The AquaBead filter is a revolutionary filter that features an Omnifuser that picks up heavier solids in the center of the bottom of the vessel, allowing them to be drained during the backwash cycle. It also includes the AlphaONE Life Support System (ALISS), designed to keep bacteria alive if the pump ever fails or the filter needs to be shut off.

UV Clarifier - Zapp Pure
The Zapp Pure is is a high performance, high intensity unit that utilizes 70,000 microwatts. Polished on the inside for maximum effect and featuring an adjustable pressure switch for automatic on/off as flow demands, this clarifier is incredibly efficient.

Model Pre-Filter
Pump Filter UV
Mashimizu 1.75 Vortek SS Delux 1/2 HP AquaBead 1.75 ZP-5
Mashimizu 2.50 AquaBead 2.50
Mashimizu 4.25 AquaBead 4.25 ZP-10
Mashimizu 6.0 3/4 HP AquaBead 6.0 ZP-20
Mashimizu 10.0 1 HP AquaBead 10.0 ZP-40
Mashimizu X2 2-1/2 HP AquaBead X2 ZP-20 (x2)

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