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Microbe-Lift Bulk Activated Carbon Pellets



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Microbe-Lift Activated Carbon Pellets remove pollutants, discoloration and odors in ponds and water gardens. It aggressively eliminates foul odors, discoloration caused by decaying leaves, organic debris, pesticides, detergents, toxins and medications all without releasing phosphates or causing unwanted algae growth.

  • Coal-based carbon provides optimal pore structure for fast absorption of these contaminants, helping keep water clean and clear
  • Fast-acting and highly activated, it attracts pollutants that stick to it like a magnet
  • Unlike Zeloite crystals, carbon cannot be reactivated
  • Can remove some chlorine and chloramines from municipal tap water
  • Treats up to 200 gallons per pound of carbon
UPC Code 097121206633 097121206640 097121206657
Size 5lb 3oz 9lb 12oz 22lb
Treatment Volume 1000 gallons 1800 gallons 4400 gallons

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