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Microbe-Lift Ensure - Bacteria for Plant Growth



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Microbe-Lift Ensure is specially formulated to encourages better root and blossom development and healthier overall plant growth in natural or decorative water gardens. Compatible with all pond fish, wildlife and other Microbe-Lift products.

Improves Plant Health
  • Increases luster of leaves and pads and reduces browning of leaf edges
  • Establishes and maintains symbiotic microbial populations
  • Ensures a healthy start for plants and reduces transplant shock
  • Improves tolerance to temperature fluctuations
Improves Plant Growth
  • Promotes greater plant vitality and stimulates root formation and growth
  • Enhances ability of plants to utilize light, water and nutrients by making nutrients more available
  • Biologically supports natural water conditions for vigorous growth
32oz (quart) bottle treats up to 500 gallons for 2 months. 128oz (gallon) bottle treats up to 1,000 gallons for 20 months.

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