MultiCyclone 50 Prefiltration


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The MultiCyclone is a brilliant new prefiltration device that can save you water, minimize pond maintenance, and help your water quality.

Increase Pressure Filter Performance while Reducing Backwash Frequency
Increase the performance of your pressure filter by installing the Multi-Cyclone 50 pre-filter after the external pump.
The Multi-Cyclone 50 is a "Centrifugal, Solids Separation" pre-filter that literally spins particles (20-100 µm) out of suspension. They then settle inside the Multi-Cyclone's sediment bowl, where they remain until drained. Removing solids prior to the pressure filter decreases required cleaning frequencies and the amount of waste waster used.

Multi-Cyclone 50 Pre-Filter Advantages

No Moving Parts to Wear and No Filter Media to Clean or Replace
Removes Particles Between20-100 µm (Microns)
Reduces Backwash Frequency of Existing Filters
Extends the Life of Filter Media