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OASE In-Pond Complete Filter Kit 1300



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The OASE Complete Filter Kit includes the essential elements for filtering ponds up to 1,300 gallons, and includes a diverter valve that allows for an additional water feature to be operated using the included pump. A nozzle set is included to create magnificent fountain displays. The filter kit includes a 580 GPH pump--which allows for flow control--and is suitable for ponds with fish stock. The in-pond filter is designed to be submersible and discreet so it does not interrupt the visual experience. The filter is compact and has three different types of filter media (bio-media elements, filter pebbles, and two kinds of filter sponges) to ensure mechanical and biological cleaning and a healthy aquatic environment. Its ergonomic design allows for easy installation, and its sloped lid allows the filter to remain free from clogging debris. The 360° pivoting nozzle base can be adjusted for creative fountain displays, and the telescopic nozzle allows for adjusting to the perfect elevation.

Aeration and filtration in one unit

Two different filter sponges as well as bio-media elements and filter pebbles ensure mechanical and biological cleaning.

The base of the nozzle can be easily adjusted for a perfect water display.

Allows large debris to roll off rather than settle and clog the lid.

Complete Filter Kit
Dimensions 14.5 x 10.8 x 5.5 in.
Operating Voltage 110-120V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 40 Watts
Cable Length 15 ft.
Net Weight 7.3 lbs.
Flow Rate 580 GPH
Suitable for ponds up to 1300 gal
Suitable for ponds with fish stock 650 gal
Warranty 2 Years

Safety Information
Part Number 45409

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