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OASE Filtral UVC Compact Pond Filtration Systems



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Multi-function solution for small ponds. Guarantees clear and healthy pond water, with the added functionality of a fountain: An all-in-one solution for owners of smaller ponds from 700 to 1200 Gallons. Compact filter with integrated UVC, the pump in the Filtral UVC allows for many interesting water displays, and the Filtral has filter media to ensure that your pond will have plenty of beneficial bacteria. The Filtral UVC really is for the pond owner who wants incredible functionality with very little maintenance.

Compact all-in-one submersible pond filtration system with UV Clarifier

The Filtral UVC is the multi-functional, compact, pond technology solution designed particularly for pond shells and small ponds. This compact filter unit with integrated UVC technology and pump guarantees clear, healthy pond water and can be set up completely and inconspicuously in the pond.


The Filtral UVC comes equipped with 4 different types of filter media. This is truly a benefit to the pond owner, to have a filter and filter pump in one cuts down on energy cost and guarantees that you have all the components necessary to achieve that clean and clear water all year round.


The Filtral has an integrated up pipe and discharge that can be used for 2 basic functions, a fountain display, and waterfall. The Filtral UVC comes included with 3 nozzle attachments and can be run without the nozzle attachments to feed a waterfall. Not only is the Filtral UVC an amazing multitasker, but it also does it with style.


The Filtral UVC is truly a workhorse, having all the basic components required to ensure that your pond is clean and clear. The included UV Light outputs at 7 or 9 watts of power, which is ample for any application from 700-1200 gallons. Make the best choice the easy choice when buying Filtral. (Numbers provided are dependant on model type)

View Oase Filtral UVC Compact Filter System Instruction Manual here (PDF)

Filtral UVC
Filtral UVC
Dimensions 9.7 x 7.2 x 6.3 in. 15 x 11.4 x 6.3 in.
Operating Voltage 110-120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 30 Watts 50 Watts
Power Cable Length 16 ft.
Flow Rate 250 gph 580 gph
Head Height Up To 4 ft. up to 7.2 ft.
UVC Power 7 Watts 9 Watts
Outlet Connection 1/2 in.
Pond Size (No Fish) 700 gal 1200 gal
Pond Size (Small Fish) 350 gal 600 gal
Pond Size (Koi) 175 gal 300 gal
Warranty 2 years

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