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Atlantic Water Gardens Pond-Free Waterfall Kit - Oasis Pond-Free Waterfall Kit


Atlantic Water Gardens

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Atlantic Water Garden's fully-featured Pond-free System makes below-ground reservoir construction simpler, easier and more reliable. Sturdy Pump Vaults, Extensions and Eco-Blox reservoirs offer increased safety, lower liability and minimal long-term maintenance. Above ground, our FastFalls lead the industry with tremendous weight capacities and virtually leak-proof design. With the strongest and best-designed components ever built, Atlantics family of Pond-free products will last a lifetime.

Where other products warp, crack or leak, Atlantics Pond-free components just keep on performing. Built with heavy-duty materials designed to last, our Pump Vaults and FastFalls are unsurpassed in the water gardening industry for durability and functionality. Already massively strong and capable, we continue to improve the line, with even stronger formulations and designs that increase capacities once again this year. Available either individually or in complete Kits, our Pond-free components make your job easier too, with features that keep performing, leak-proof and maintenance-free, for a lifetime.


  • SP1600 FastFalls
  • PV1700 Pump Vault
  • TW2400 TidalWave2 Pump
  • Triton Check Valve
  • 1½' x 25" Flexible PVC Pipe
  • 10" x 15" Liner
  • Heavy-duty Underlayment
  • Complete Installation Kit Including Fittings Thread Sealant and PVC spray glue