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Periha UV-A Series UV Clarifiers



Regular price $99.99

Excellent UV choice for your Profidrum, Seaside Aquatics, or other RDFs! 
  • Unique 360-degree rotatable body design for ideal water direction
  • Strong sterilization: efficiently removes algae, deodorizes and purifies water quality
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Perfect for aquariums and koi pond (freshwater and saltwater approved)

5 Size Options:

  • UV-A9W:   Rated: up to 75 gal;  Dimensions:15"x7.5"x5"
  • UV-A11W: Rated: up to 100gal; Dimensiosn:15"x7.5"x5"
  • UV-A18W: Rated: up to 150gal; Dimensions:15"x7.5"x5"
  • UV-A36W: Rated: Up to 300gal; Dimensions: 22.5"x7.5"x5"
  • UV-A54W: Rated: Up to 600gal; Dimensions: 31.5"x7.5"x5" 


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