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Aquascape Pond Aerator PRO Kit


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The Aquascape Pond Aerator PRO 60 is designed to increase oxygen levels and improve water circulation throughout the pond. The system can also be used during the winter months by keeping a small hole open in the ice for oxygenation and the removal of harmful gases from the water. The Aquascape Pond Aerator PRO 60 comes complete with a weather-proof, outdoor-rated, energy-efficient 45-watt air pump that provides a maximum air flow rate of 2.1 CFM, making it the ideal choice for discriminating pond professionals. 30 feet of 3/8" braided aeration tubing is included along with the large 8-inch aeration disc, providing a complete setup ready for installation in ponds up to 10,000 gallons. 


Aquascape Part Number 61000
Pond Size up to 10,000 gallons
Pond Depth up to 10 ft.
Maximum Air Flow Rate (Loaded) 2.1 CFM
Maximum Air Depth (Loaded) 5.08 PSI
Submersible no
Number of Outlets 1
Wattage 45 W
Voltage 120 V / 60 Hz.
Power Cord Length 6 ft.
Air Pump Dimensions 7.75" L x 7.25" W x 4" H
Aeration Discs (1) 8" disc
Length of Airline (1) 30 ft. roll of 3/8" Braided Vinyl
Check Valve included & preinstalled



Play It Koi Pro-Tip:   We always recommend that our customers have an extra Pond Air Pro 8-Inch Aeration Diffuser Disc on hand. Oxygenate water is critical for the health & survival of your koi fish and other pond animals and the aeration discs do clog up and need replacing over time. Actual time will vary depending on your water quality and other environmental factors such as sunlight, nutrients, etc. Extra discs always seem to come in handy.