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The Pond Digger Clarifying Mineral Supplement


The Pond Digger

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The Pond Digger Clarifying Mineral Supplement is a revolutionary new supplemental treatment that contains a proprietary blend of naturally derived electrolytes to clear up even the most problematic water quality problems and stave off the root cases of murky and sediment-laden water gardens. As organic matter builds up in sediment layers, this mineral-infused flocculant works to separate unwanted particulates and remove them from the water column into the filter for easy removal.

For Optimal Results
Best results are obtained with a pH level between 5.7 - 9.5, a water temperature of at least 48°F, and proper circulation via pump, fountain or waterfall.

Apply 1 ounce for every 250 gallons of pond water, on a weekly basis. Apply near the pump or in front of the skimmer to allow proper dispersion through the biological filtration. In new ponds or in springtime start-up, apply double dosage for 2 weeks to kick-start your biological filtration.

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