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PondMAX Inline UV Clarifiers


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PondMAX Uv Filters will provide maximum clarity for your pond. When used with a biological filter, PondMAX UV Clarifiers will restore clarity and healthy conditions to your pond or aquarium. By treating the water which passes through with the UVC, algae and bacteria are destroyed to achieve crystal clear water within 14 days.

As water passes through the UVC and is exposed to the Ultraviolet (UV) light, it destroys single-cell algae (AKA green water), bacteria & other pathogens. 

Features a safety shut-off switch for bulb replacement.

  • Robust UV Resistant Body
  • Optional Bypass Port and Flow regulator valves
  • Multi-Stepped hose-tail fittings for simple installation
  • Built-In Mounting Bracket
  • Clear hosetail for UV Clarifier Operating Indicator
  • Cable Length: 10 Ft
  • 360 degree swivel Outlet

 PondMAX UV Clarifier Specs

Download the PondMAX UV Clarifier Instruction Manual here (PDF)

Looking for Replacement bulbs or Replacement parts for the PondMAX UV clarifiers? The can be found here