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Real Clear Lowers pH


Real Clear

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Real Clear® Lowers pH is manufactured to safely lower the pH in pond water. Used as directed, the pH value will not drop more than 0.2 points per application. Products that affect the pH in ponds should be added and monitored carefully. Major changes to pH can be stressful and therefore harmful to fish. Optimum conditions for pond water pH are 6.5-8.2. pH values change depending upon the time of day; typically values are lowest during the morning and highest at sunset. Be sure to test your water frequently to become familiar with your pond. If water pH is above 8.0, add Real Clear® Lowers pH, if water is below 6.5, add Real Clear® Raises pH. Once the pH is within the desirable range, lock in that value with Real Clear® BUFFER to maintain the pH within the proper parameters.


  • Lowers pH to safe levels
  • Won't harm plants or fish
  • Safe and effective treatment for ponds

16 oz. bottle (1 lb. Dry) treats 10,000 gallons

Application rate:

One tablespoon of Real Clear® Lowers pH treats 500 gallons of pond water.

Shelf life: 3 years

Store at room temperature.

Keep out of reach of children