COVID Koi Pond Project - Rick and Sherry Koske Redefine Vacationing - Play It Koi

While 2020 was a year many want to forget, we decided to turn lemons into lemonade and tackle a major home project. ”How about a koi pond?” we asked. Since we’re both retired and like to be home, we thought a koi pond was a great way to bring “vacations” home, instead of relying on pictures to remember what we did on vacation. Our koi will bring us enjoyment every day.


In sum, it went like this:

Step 1: Contact Play It Koi

Step 2: Build it.

Step 3: Contact Play It Koi for help and expert advice throughout the build.

Step 4: Kick back and enjoy the Koi. 


In all honesty, there was a bit more to it, but the key point is that the Play It Koi crew brought it from an idea to a well designed pond that is a healthy home for our koi.

When we contacted Play It Koi, we setup a phone consultation on the weekend with Ben, the owner. His first question was: “What’s your goal?”, to which we responded “Happy, healthy koi in a pond that will require minimal maintenance” Check. When Ben asked how we intended to build the pond, we replied “We’re retired and want to build it ourselves, to which he responded: “A lot of satisfaction comes from building your own pond”. And so the journey began.

We provided Ben and his crew with our initial ideas on size and shape and they came back with helpful suggestions such as “go bigger”....which we did and ended up with a 12,000 gallon pond! Actually they provided much more than that and were very patient as we worked through several iterations of the pond plans together.  

I felt they listened to all of our questions and concerns and guided us through the entire process. They provided all the design analysis, such as water change-over, flow rates, refinements to pond shape, and equipment options. They also provided us with multiple system designs within our budget range and continued to work with us to tweak these designs even further.

Here is a sketch of our final

 Rick and Sherry Koske Covid Koi Pond Design sketch

 Covid Koi Pond - rick and sherry koske falls

At that point, after they spec’d all of the equipment we ordered it and all of the pond supplies equipment was delivered timely and directly to our house.

Once we dug the hole and all of the trenches for the piping, we were ready to build the life-support station. We installed all of the material and equipment, which included an AlphaOne 6.0 bead filter, 2 Artesian2 pumps, a ZapPro UV light, an UltraSieve III, 2 AquaDyne Rhino bottom drains, a Helix Skimmer, 2 X Atlantic Fastfalls, a Matala air pump, and numerous valves and fittings. Once we plumbed the equipment, we filled the pond and powered up the life-support system. As with any system start-up, there were a few snags- but the team at Play it Koi was right there to help resolve any issues. 

As a former electrical engineer, Rick knows a thing or two about a clean install. Here is one of the cleanest electrical Koi Pond Filtration installs I've seen. Don't you agree? 



Day 1, filling the Pond with water. 

Time for Sherry to introduce her old companions to their new, and MUCH improved,  home. 

And look, even with the water as clear as it is, you can hardly see the wrinkles in the pond liner at all. 


We’ve finished the pond, but the onset of winter and rain moved us indoors before we completed the landscaping, including slate hardscape around the pond and upgrading the patio and deck. But, all in good time- Spring will be here soon.


Here’s the timeline for our pond:

  • Late May: Contacted Play It Koi
  • Late July: Began digging
  • Early September: Started filling the pond
  • Late October: Added lighting and filled in trenches
  • Early November: Laid first ring of slate around pond edge.




This has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. Ben and Play It Koi are fantastic partners. They are incredibly knowledgeable and fun to work with. We’d like to think that through this entire process, we’ve made new friends who will remain a part of our lives, as will our koi.

Here's a final video of our build...  Super Enjoyable! 

- Rick & Sherry Koske




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Pablo Colon

Pablo Colon

I have a 500 gallon pond . I am digging dirt to make it larger . I had some one build the one I have. But I want to do it my self, am 64 years old and , i am a baby on this project .i brought a equipment from you guys, but I want to put a drain in and I think I need a settlement tank . I have a water fall container and skimmer. I wish I had a plan to put all the pipes together. But I am stressed right now, cause am new at this.and am trying to reduce cost. But I love this hoppy. Well thank you for your help.🙏😇🙏

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