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Koi Keeping

Origins and Symbolism of Koi

Posted by Minnie Ray Chaudhury on

Koi fish are beautiful additions to any pond ecosystem, but they also hold powerful significance in some East Asian cultures. In Japan, the term ‘koi’ refers to the general species of carp, both wild and captive. The colorful species of koi that we see in most ponds have been artificially selected for generations for their vibrant colors. For centuries, these fish have been solidified in the East as symbols of abundance, good fortune, perseverance, beauty, and strength. Koi fish were brought into China approximately 2000 years ago primarily as a source of food. The fish eventually made their way to...

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Koi FAQs

Posted by Ben Cooke on

One of the reasons I enjoy the Koi Keeping hobby so much is that I continue to learn new things every day. There is so much depth to this hobby - the history, the culture, the biology, the science, the challenge, the beauty...It's an endless learning experience for all ages and my only regret thus far is that I didn't discover my passion earlier in my career.  As a Koi business owner and evangelist for the Koi Collecting hobby, I get asked a lot of questions so I thought I'd compile a list of the most common questions I get.  Have a suggestion for a question...

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