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Pond Equipment

Customer Review of the Ultra Sieve III

Posted by Minnie Ray Chaudhury on

Play It Koi customer Allan Waller was kind enough to share his experience with the Ultra Sieve III. Watch his helpful tutorial to learn more!     Do you have a product that you love/hate? Please let us know about your experiences, we would love to hear from you! Send your reviews to 

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UV Clarification & UV Sterilization for Your Pond

Posted by Ben Cooke on

Algae Control - No more green water   UV-Clarifiers kill 99% of single cell floating algae (green water) as well as a small percentage of disease organisms. They do not harm the beneficial bacteria that grow in filters and on rocks, etc. in the pond. They only kill the organisms that pass through the UV.How does a UV Filter clear green water?Single-celled green algae, (Chlorella vulgaris) require light and nutrients to thrive. It is one sign that your pond is generally healthy, and it even makes a great food additive for farm animals, but it doesn't do much for your...

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