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Welcome to Play It Koi!  - the fintastic online store where you can buy everything you need to make your koi fish happy, healthy, and hooked on life!

Our team of koi-nnoisseurs is made up of a school of quirky characters who love to party with the fish. We're talking all-night koi dance parties, koi-karaoke contests, and even underwater limbo! We're not just koi experts, we're koi-rrific!

We know all there is to know about koi, from their favorite foods, to their fashion sense (they love to accessorize with rocks and water lilies), to their dance moves (yes, they have them). In fact, we're pretty sure we're the only people in the world who have ever taught a koi fish how to do the Cha-Cha Slide.

But we don't stop at koi. We also offer a boatload of pond and aquarium supplies, including pumps, filters, and decorations. Our selection is so vast, you could create your own Atlantis in your backyard pond (just make sure to invite us to the party).  

In our online store, you'll find the best selection of quality Koi pond supplies, including pond kits, pond pumps, pond liner, pond filtration, water plants, koi food and other water feature supplies.  We carry only the highest quality pond and waterscape supplies so you can rest assured your Koi fish and other pond inhabitants are safe and sound. Curbside pickup can be arranged for fellow fish fanatics that are in our area.

At Play It Koi, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee that if your koi fish isn't happy, we'll do everything in our power to turn that frown upside down. And trust us, a sad koi fish is like a fish out of water.

So let's get this party school of fish started! Check out our website and sea all the fin-tastic things that Play It Koi has to offer. Who knows? You might just become a koi-vert yourself. Just don't be shellfish - share the love with your finned friends!

Thank you for Shopping with us!

-Ben & Kelly Cooke

Meet the Exec Team

Derek Boucher

GM & VP of Sales

22 Years fish-keeping experience

Ben Cooke

Founder & COB

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