Nathan Bliss-Miller - Koi Pond with 50 Ft Falls - Play It Koi

Vision: Natural Looking Koi Pond: 12’x14’x4’ w/ a long streaming watercourse: 50’ long, 12” - 18” wide, with a 9’ elevation drop. 

We’re trying to balance a natural-looking stream & pond with a healthy environment for no more than six Koi.  

Site Prep: moving rocks and sprinkler lines in preparation. Installing 100’ of 4” perforated drain pipe to make sure rainwater from the main driveway and the driveway to my shop doesn’t flow into the pond. 

Nathan Bliss-Miller Positioning large boulders in Pond

Nathan miller bliss Site Prep for Pond Build


Nathan miller bliss Site Prep for Pond Build

Nathan's job stalled Mid-Late Summer as the Wildfires hit across CA, OR, And WA. He worked 100 hrs/week for 5 weeks to fight the fires and keep us safe. However, as soon as he returned he was back at it. 

Here is a picture of his most recent progress, where his Sequence Pumps, filters, and UVs will be held. 

Nathan Bliss Miller koi pond build 50 ft falls



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