Article 00: The Pond Life - Accidental Ponder, by Jeff Richardson-Play It Koi

Accidental Ponder BLOG by Jeff Richardson

I am an accidental ponder living in the Pacific Northwest just outside of Seattle.  My professional trade is a builder of IT datacenters.  I have knowledge in electrical, plumbing, gas, HVAC, telecom, IT auditing and general contracting – basically a jack of all trades.  These skills were very helpful in my pond.  However, broken down into simple steps, a pond is achievable for anyone.  I hope these articles will help and enlighten you! 

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01: The Pond Life – Pondering a Pond? 

02: The Pond Life – What is a Pond?

03: The Pond Life – The Main Pool

04: Pond Planning – The Main Components

05: Pond Planning – Secondary Components

06: Pond Planning – Constructing the Main Pool

07: Pond Planning – Component Placement

08: Pond Planning – Sizing Components

09: Pond Basics – Pumps

10: Pond Basics – Filters

11: Pond Basics – Water Composition

12: Pond Plumbing – Hydrodynamics

13: Pond Plumbing – Pipes and Hoses

14: Pond Plumbing – Fittings

15: Pond Plumbing – Design

16: Pond Plumbing – Waste System

17: Pond Water – Potable Tap Water

18: Pond Water – System Volume

19: Pond Water – Ion Chemistry

20: Pond Water – Nitrogen Chemistry

21: Pond Water – Management

22: Pond Gear - Tools of the Trade

23: Pond Gear - Safety Devices

24: Pond Gear - Aesthetic Elements

25: Pond Gear - Other Helpful Tools

26: Pond Flora and Fauna - Aquatic Plant Basics

27: Pond Flora and Fauna - Adding Animals

28: Pond Flora and Fauna - Wildlife

29: Pond Flora and Fauna - Koi and Goldfish Basics

30: Pond System Resilience - Risk Assessment

31: Pond System Resilience - Redundancy

32: Pond System Resilience - Mitigation

33: Pond System Resilience - Automation

34: Annual Pond Care - Weather and Climate

35: Annual Pond Care - Water Temperatures

36: Annual Pond Care - Seasonal Maintenance

37: Annual Pond Care - Cleaning Filters

38: Water Returns - Designing

39: Water Returns - Capacity

40: Water Returns - Evaporation

41: Water Returns - Beds

42: Water Returns - Falls

43: Return Construction - Preparation

44: Return Construction - Bed Fabrication

45: Return Construction - Waterfall Face

46: Existing Pond Systems – Inheriting


Disclaimer: As a ponder, this has been my personal experiences with this hobby and does not represent “Play it Koi”.  The content is my own and the information within may differ from “Play it Koi”.  The use of the content within is at your own risk and I do not represent, promise or warrant that the information will be error-free and should be used “as-is”.  If you find errors, feel free to reach out to me on this BLOG.

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