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KoiZyme is a biological formula of naturally occurring bacteria, enzymes and micro nutrients. When KoiZyme is introduced into pond water that is infected with Aeromonas, Pseudomonas or any gram negative or gram positive bacteria, the bacteria and enzymes in KoiZyme competes with these pathogens for the nutrients in the pond water. These nutrients are primarily a nitrogen based nutrient from fish waste. KoiZyme will consume these nutrients and thus starve Aeromonas and Psuedomonas. The bacteria counts (CFU's) of these pathogens will then be reduced to such a low level that they will not have an affect on your fish.

When used as directed, KoiZyme will reduce the bacterial count of Aeromonas, Play It KoiPseudomonas and other pathnogenetic bacteria to such low levels that they will not be a threat to the health of your fish.

It is impossible to completely remove the Aeromonas and Pseudomonas bacteria from the pond water, but KoiZyme, when used on a regular weekly basis, will keep the Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and other pathogens levels so low, they will not affect the fish.

  • KoiZyme comes in Gallons(128oz), Quarts(32oz), and Pints(16oz)
  • 1 Quart treats 48,000 to 96,000 gallons.
  • 1 Pint treat 24,000 to 48,000 gallons.
  • Cost of treatment: Initial 5 treatments (20 ml) - $1.45/1,000 gallons and "Maintenance" weekly treatments (10 ml) - $0.73/1,000 gallons.
  • Shelf life of KoiZyme: At least 8 to 10 months at room temp and 20 months if kept refrigerated.


Q: I hear that Total Alkalinity is important to KoiZyme. Is this true? 
A: Yes, very much so. But remember Total Alkalinity is VERY IMPORTANT to all the benificial bacteria in our ponds. Total Alkalinity is the "backbone" for our pond to function. Total Alkalinity is the measurement of calcium carbonate in the water. Without a reasonable Total Alkalinity count, none of the benificial bacteria will function properly. ALL biological products, such as KoiZyme or Micro-Lift, require T.A. to do their jobs. Also your nitrifying bacteria in your biofilter require T.A. to oxidize ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate.

Did you know that for every gram of ammonia that is processed in your biofilter, 2.5 grams of calcium carbonate is consumed by the biofilter. The minimum T.A. count for a pond is 80. Below 80, bacteria become sluggish and do not perform properly. A count of 100 or 120 is really needed for the biofilter or probiotics to function properly.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to know your Total Alkalinity count. See your dealer to get a Total Alkalinity test kit.

Q: Can I use my U.V. Light when treating with KoiZyme?

A: You should turn off your U.V. Light when treating with KoiZyme for the first five initial treatments only. It is OK to turn the U.V. Light back on for the rest of the season once you get into the "Maintenance" treatment of 1/2 the label dosage.

Q: How long do I treat with KoiZyme?

A: You start treating with KoiZyme in the Springtime once the water temp reaches 50 to 52 degrees. If you had treated with KoiZyme the previous year you would still "start over" and do the five initial treatments at full dosage rate, then go into the "Maintenance" program. You should continue the "Maintenance" program the entire season until the water temp drops back into the low 50 degree area.

Q: I have heard that water temperature affects the dosage rate. Is that true?

A: Yes. Water temp does have an affect on the dosage rate. This is because the KoiZyme bacteria is not as active (or hungry) at the lower water temps. Here is the dosage rates for the various water temps:

50 to 62 degrees -- Double the label dosage of 20ml (4tsp) to 40ml (8 tsp).
63 to 68 degrees -- 1.5 X the label dosage of 20ml (4tsp) to 30ml (6 tsp).
69 and above -- normal label dosage

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Works good. Fast shipping.

Alida N.
United States United States

Great service, as always!

Always get my products promptly and we’ll-packaged.

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great stuff for the fall

great treatment for koi ponds in the fall

Dean W.
United States United States

Play It Koi has great service!

Ben, the owner is very helpful!

United States

Makes a big difference

Koizyme Saved my Koi! we were having issues with aeremonas alley. I tried this, after a water change, and it seems we are now back on the right track. I only wish I started sooner

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