Hardiness Zone General Ship Times

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Map

Our nursery checks the actual temperatures and weather forecasts for your zip code when determining if your area is warm enough to sustain the plants on your order.

Zones 8 & 9 in the Pacific Northwest are usually shipped closer to the
zone 5-6 time frame.
Climate Zone Hardy Plants Tropical Plants
Zones 3 and 4 Mid-May Mid to End of June
Zone 5 First Week of May Mid to End of June
Zone 6 Mid-April Beginning to Middle of June
Zone 7 First Week of April End of May, Beginning of June
Zone 8 Mid-March May
Zones 9, 10 & 11 Shipped Year Around Shipped year around, however, during the winter, we do hold orders if they would freeze in transit.

*Orders requested to ship before zone-ready voids the plant guarantee.


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