Airmax KoiAir Aeration Kits - KoiAir Mini, KoiAir1, and KoiAir2

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Size: KoiAir Mini Water Garden Aeration Kit
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Airmax KoiAir Aeration Kits provide powerful aeration to even the largest water gardens and water features. Designed as a complete aeration solution, the KoiAir contains everything you need to introduce aeration to large water gardens and features with a quick and simple installation.
  • Ensures pond balance by promoting beneficial bacteria growth for biological filters
  • Lowers toxic gases and ammonia by promoting gas exchange
  • Protects fish in wintertime by keeping an exhaust hole open in the ice for waste gases
High Quality System Design
Running on as little as 17 watts, the SilentAir aeration pumps cost virtually nothing to run! The h
eavy-duty flexible airline is designed to sink the pond€™s bottom even when filled with air. EasySet airline is extremely resistant to cuts, snags and kinks for maximum performance with minimal headaches. Each KoiAir diffuser plate utilizes a sturdy base plate and 1-piece weighted distribution block, which connects to the airline by a 3/8" barbed inlet and the membrane diffuser sticks by threaded outlets. The airline and diffusers can be placed at a maximum depth of 4 feet.

Membrane Stick Diffusers
Designed to improve oxygen absorption, our diffuser membranes deliver all of the performance of air stone diffusers without the hassles of replacing cracked stones or frequent cleanings due to debris accumulations. Virtually maintenance-free, membrane diffuser sticks resist clogging and their flexibility eliminates the possibilities of cracking and leaking.

This diffuser system will oxygenate, aerate, and circulate the water, eliminating dead spots and keeping your pond and fish active and healthy all year long. Aeration kits include an all-weather linear compressor capable of pushing air up to 300 feet to the pond's edge if electricity is not near the pond. Compressors should be covered during winter months. Replacing your worn or damaged diaphragms will restore air output and keep your KoiAir Aeration Kit running like new. Replacing the diaphragm yearly is recommended.

Model SKU Pond Size Watts Air Flow Airline Diffusers
KoiAir Mini 160193 1000-4000 gallons 17 0.80cfm 15' 1
KoiAir 1 160194 2000-8000 gallons 17 0.80cfm 25' 2
KoiAir 2 160195 8000-16000 gallons 35 1.7cfm 25' 4

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