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AlphaONE 6.3 PLUS MegaSystem3- 20,000 Gallon - All 3 Inch



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The AlphaONE MegaSystem3 filter uses the same technology as our regular AlphaONE filters except in 3". Water flows through the huge passageways in the multiport valve resulting in very low loss of flow. Use this system when you want to move a lot of water and use very little energy to do it!

The AlphaONE 6.3 PLUS MegaSystem3 includes all of the following for ponds up to 20,000 gallons:

  • Dimensions of 2 pads: 48" X 72"
  • AlphaONE 6.3 Filter (6.0 Cu. Ft.) (30.4"D X 40"H)
  • Will handle up to 300 Lbs of fish fed at 1% of their body weight (typical)
  • 1 HP PerformancePro High Flow Pump 13,200 gph at 5 ft head!
  • Zapp Pure ZP 40.3 UV
  • All openings are 3” union fittings
  • Now Comes with a Swing Check Valve!
  • New Huge cleanable sight glasses
  • Backwash in as little as 3 minutes per week
  • Lifetime warranty on AlphaOne Filter!
  • Medusa PLUS PrePlumbing Package that includes all 3" plumbing, pipework, unions at all connections with all-weather pad(s) ready to set up and enjoy...

          Notice that all connections are made with Quick Disconnect Unions. Why is this important? Ask us in a few years if you need to make changes or repairs. With these unions, you won't have to get out the hacksaw and start cutting. Just loosen the unions by hand and then retighten by hand. You'll be glad you chose the AquaBead/AlphaONE Plus System. We want you to be happy with your purchase, not only immediately, but down the road, too.

          There's no need to do the hard work, we've already done it for you. If you need help deciding which system is right for you, give us a call and we'll be glad to assist you. Or even better, swing on by the Play It Koi store and see how the system works first hand on our show pond.

          Want to Customize your AlphaOne Plus? Upgrade the pump, larger UV (like the 80.3), add a prefilter, heater, or Elektrik Control Center? No Problem! We have you covered. Write for a custom quote.

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