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Aqua Ultraviolet Statuary Fish or Frog Pond UV Spitters


Aqua Ultraviolet

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The soothing sound of flowing, bubbling water is a feature every pond should have. Now with Aqua Ultraviolets statuary series, it is easy to add this effect, as well as UV sterilization to any pond. These units can be added to a new or existing pond. Our Statuary Series is just one example of Aqua Ultraviolet innovation; we were the first UV manufacturer to incorporate statuaries into the pond market.

Aqua Ultraviolets Statuary UV series is available in two designs, a frog and a leaping koi. With options of 8, 15 or 25 watt these UV units will clarify small ponds from 5 to 3,200 gallons. As the pond water is pumped through the Statuary, the UV rays zap single celled organisms, including algae, returning clear healthy water to the pond. The Fish and Frog UVs can be easily added to your pond at any time by attaching them to a submersible pump.

Many ponds suffer from depleted oxygen levels. In ponds with low oxygen levels, fish will stay just below the surface, where the most oxygen is present. Aqua UV Statuary can help. As the water cascades from the Statuary to your pond it is oxygenated continually refreshing the pond, keeping your fish happy and stress free. By reducing the stress levels of the fish and sterilizing the pond water, your fishs immune systems with get a boost, leading to a healthier, longer life.

Aqua UVs pond spitter Statuary Series has been well received among our customers. The UV Statuary Series has easy to install components and an attractive look, making it the top choice among pond hobbyists looking for the easiest way to add a UV sterilizer to their pond care arsenal.

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