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Aqua Ultraviolet Viper UV Lamp Kits


Aqua Ultraviolet

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Replacement Lamps for the Aqua Ultraviolet UV Viper Series

It's recommended that the Aqua Ultraviolet Viper Series bulbs be changed after 14 months of continuous use.

Each Kit Contains

  • The Lamp - With a 14-month life, it is one of the longest-lasting in the industry
  • Quartz Sleeve - Made of the highest quality hard quartz that allows for 99.9% UV transmittance rates, quartz sleeves protect the lamp from the water even while allowing the water to keep the lamp cool
  • Rubber seals and bushings (where applicable) - Note that not all models require rubber seals and bushings

Model numbers for the lamp kits can be found by selecting your unit size and housing type in the chart below:

Housing Type Unit Size (Diameter)
2" 3" 4" 6" 8" 10"
Plastic A20404 A20406 A20422 A20424 A20434 A20437
Plastic (with Wiper) A20430 A20431 A20432 A20433 A20436 A20439
Plastic (with Saddle) - - A20405 A20401 - -
Stainless Steel A20402 A20403 A20420 A20412 A20435 A20438

Note: 800W Viper units use two lamp kits and 1200W Viper units use three kits.

See All Viper Replacement Parts (PDF)

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