GC Tek AquaBead Premium Low Head Bead Filters

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Size: AquaBead Low Head 2.50
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The AquaBead LH Series filters from Grand Champion Technologies (GC Tek) take all the features and benefits of the AquaBead filter, and reduce the head to allow for lower restriction and higher flow.

Lower Head
These filters reduce water flow restriction by bypassing the multiport valve when in regular filtration mode. To complete the backwash cycle, simply move the two 2-way valves to direct water into the pipes. By not using the piping in normal filtration mode, you can use a smaller, more energy-efficient pump to do the exact same job.

AlphaONE filters can function for extended periods of time without slowing down. Omnifuser technology means that heavier solids are picked up from the center of the bottom of the vessel, preventing the filter from building up solids. These solids can then be drained during the backwash cycle. This filter doesn't hold solids -- it gets rid of them. Furthermore, because water enters the lowest point and exits the highest point of the tank, all of the filter media is utilized for maximum filtration.

Life Support System
The AlphaONE Life Support System (ALISS) is designed to keep bacteria alive if you ever have to do a medical bypass, or if your pump fails. A one-way valve on the front of the multiport valve allows air in without letting water seep out! Simply hook up an air pump to the barbed fitting, and air will flow into the filter, gently tumbling the media and keeping the bacteria alive.

The AquaBead Agitator prevents the filter beads from sticking together. When this 2 HP pump kicks into action, air is injected into the bottom of the filter, which breaks up the clumped beads as it rises violently to the top.

Additional Features
  • High surface area and flowrate for efficient filtration -- you don't need a very large pump!
  • Large 2" spring check valve allows for high flow, and dual unions make replacing simple
  • Side-mounted valves and a top opening means you don't need to unhook the plumbing!
  • 10" clear lid on tank and sight glass on multiport valve makes filter inspection easy
  • Double-layered fiberglass body is immensely more durable than plastic
  • Pressure gauge tells you what is going on inside tank
  • Easy drain allows water to exit, but not filter media!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on tank
Model Size Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate Fish Load Dimensions
AquaBead 1.75 1.75 Cu. Ft. 2,500 Gallons 3000gph 90lb 19" x 31"
AquaBead 2.50 2.50 Cu. Ft. 5,000 Gallons 4200gph 125lb 21" x 32"
AquaBead 4.25 4.25 Cu. Ft. 10,000 Gallons 5400gph 225lb 24.8" x 34"
AquaBead 6.0 6.0 Cu. Ft. 17,000 Gallons 7200gph 300lb 30.5" x 36.8"
AquaBead 10.0 10.0 Cu. Ft. 25,000 Gallons 10800gph 450lb 36.9" x 42"


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