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Aquadyne Rhino Grated Air Drains



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New in 2020!

The Rhino Grated Air Drains are designed for new concrete installations or as a retrofit grated drain for any pre-existing pond that does not have a bottom drain. All Rhino Grated Drains come with a pre-installed airline port and is air stone ready. Simply insert a 3/8 barbed air stone of your choice into the far end of the drain and supply an air source. Aerated drains draw debris toward the drains capturing more debris for a cleaner pond and more oxygen for the pond.

Aquadyne Rhino Drains set the standard for quality, dependability and are hand-welded from heavy-duty materials to assure dependable structural welds. The quality of Aquadyne's bottom drains are paramount over any other drain on the market today.

Learn from us... A bottom drain is the first thing to be installed in your pond, and the last thing that you want to fail! Install a Rhino Drain in your pond with confidence!

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