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AquaMeds KoiRx Terminate - Koi Parasite Treatment

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Specially formulated treatment for salt resistant parasites and fungal disease AquaMeds TERMINATE is one of the most effective Malachite Green (chloride) & Formalin products on the market.

Aqua Meds TERMINATE is a must have in your Koi Health arsenal. Strains of salt-resistant koi pond parasites, like costia and trichodina are becoming more common every day. TERMINATE is specially formulated to treat these tough salt resistant parasites.


  • Formulated with malachite green chloride, (not the more toxic oxalate salt) and formalin (MG&F). Both drugs are less toxic and more effective in combination than if used individually
  • Safe for treating costia, chilodonella, ich, oodinium, and fungal infections
  • Safe to use on “scaleless” koi
  • Will not set back your pond filter
  • Can be used in water temperatures as low as 50 degrees (F), tPlay It Koihis allows you to treat when temperatures are cooler in the spring and fall
  • Less toxic to koi and goldfish than any other MG&Fproduct on the market
  • Shipped NON-HAZMAT legally anywhere in theU.S.
  • Costs less than any other MG&F product on the market!!
  • TERMINATE® is a 3-day treatment compared to 21 days with salt
  • TERMINATE® will not harm your plants, salt will harm plants
  • TERMINATE® will not kill all the “good bacteria” in your filter, like many other treatments such as Potassium Pomegranate.
  • Now here’s the best part! TERMINATE has a much shorter treatment period than other MG&F treatments on the market. Treat for 3 days and you’re done, as compared to 9 days of most MG&F products.


  • A large pond water change of 25% or more before treatment will produce the best results. Increase aeration if possible.
  • Remove all carbon from your filter, shut off protein skimmer, shut off your U.V. light, leave your U.V. pump and pond filter running.
  • Add 3.5 oz (100 ml) of TERMINATE to every 1,000 gallons of pond water.
  • Re-treat daily for 3 days with a minimum of a 25% water change prior to each re-treatment.

NOTE: Never mix any Aqua Meds Products with TAP water. The chlorine in the tap water will damage the natural “microbes” and medications in the products. Use good clean pond water.

NOTE: The period between treatments may be shortened to 10-12 hrs. 25% plus pond water changes between re-treatments are very important.

NOTE: Do Not use salt or any medicated treatments when treating your pond with TERMINATE

32 oz (960mL) treats 3200 gallons three times
UPC# 636824838262

One gallon (3.79 L) treats 12,800 gallons three times.
UPC# 636824838279

  • Do not store below 60 degrees (F) or above 110 degrees (F).
  • Do not treat koi ponds with invertebrates.
  • DO NOT use TERMINATE if it has been frozen or stored below 50 degrees.
  • All products (not just Terminate) containing formaldehyde are toxic if they have been frozen.

Want More? Download Aqua Meds KoiRxTerminate FAQs here (PDF)

Cannot ship when temperatures are freezing

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Nina L.
United States United States
Koi RX

So far it seems to help my pond and koi are eating and acting healthy.

United States United States
Koi treatment

I purchased this treatment after seeing my fish flashing on the rocks , and after trying other products out there after 3 treatments with water changes some of my fish still flash on the rocks not as many as before but I still have a problem and am running out of options.

Thomas E.
United States United States
Works as described

Took care of our sick koi

Joe W.
Canada Canada
Gave it a try, glad we did

This worked surprisingly well to settle my koi that were flashing in my pond. I had previously used proform C to treat. And this did the tric. But I guess this has become hard to find anymore according to Play It Koi and some others who can’t get it any more from the manufacturer. So, I switched to AquaMeds Terminate instead. It worked equally, or better, and now I’ll be using now from here on out.

Ben B.
United States United States
Great koi bath for new fish

I now always use Koirx terminate when I'm introducing new fish to my pond. I use it as a bath in a quarantine tank for 3 days just to ensure that I'm not introducing anything nasty to my pond. It does the trick!