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Aquascape Boxed Pond Liner - (comes in 9 standard sizes)


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Aquascape 45 mil fish-safe EPDM pond liner leads the industry in quality and reliability. The 45 mil fish-safe EPDM Pond Liner acts as a membrane for retaining water in ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, and other water features. Backed by an industry leading 20-year guarantee, Aquascape is the choice of discriminating pond professionals.

  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Superior elongation and lay-flat characteristics
  • Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone and oxidation
  • Ease of installation with no special tools required
  • Durability - 45 mil thickness
  • 20-year guarantee

 Sizing Suggestions: 


  • length - add overall length plus twice the maximum depth
  • width - add the overall width plus twice the maximum depth
  • It's recommended to factor in an additional 2' of overlap for around the pond edging.  

Calculation example:  A pond 8 ft. Wide x 12 ft. Long and 4 1/2 ft. deep will need a liner 20 x 25

  • Width:   8 + 4.5 + 4.5 + 2 =19,    rounded up to 20
  • Length:  12 + 4.5 + 4.5 + 2 =23,  rounded up to 25

For boxed liner, we recommend you round UP to the nearest available size. It's never fun to be short and have to try to splice in extra liner. Plus any excess can easily be trimmed or tucked underneath on the edges or used for extra cushioning underneath rocks.

We also can do custom cut liners - call for quote. 1 844 PLAY-IT-KOI (844-752-9485)