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ArtesianPro Low RPM Pumps


Sale price $859.75 Regular price $905.00

PerformancePro ArtesianPro is the pump you need for your higher flow applications. It not only delivers great flow rates at useable heads, but it does so efficiently! You get the safety and convenience of self-priming along with great energy savings. For ease of use, it provides a large strainer basket and an easy open Lexan lid. The specially designed lid and clamp ring ensure a positive seal with very little o-ring wear.

  • Money saving high-efficiency pump and motor units.
  • Quick disconnect unions are included.
  • Pump comes with either 2" or 3" Union fittings (By default the 3" fittings are included unless otherwise requested at time of order)
  • Long life corrosion resistant Stainless Steel shaft seals.
  • Pump performance can be easily altered with multiple impeller interchangeability options.
  • Top-of-the-line U.S. motors. All 1725 rpm units (Low RPM Units) are totally enclosed and fan cooled for extended service life.
  • Units offer quiet operation.
  • Safety first - out of the water (external) pumps help protect both you from annoying and potentially dangerous oil or electrical leaks.
  • 3-year limited warranty applies to freshwater applications. 1-year limited warranty for saltwater applications. 

Custom Options Offered by Manufacturer: Please specify at time of order


  • Saltwater Kit (+$91) - Includes PVC shaft sleeve and PTFE coated S.S. seal w/ SiC faces installed in pump.
  • Hard-wire/No Cord: if you plan to have an electrician hard-wire the pump to a dedicated 230V 15amp or 20amp circuit (we recommend a dedicated 20amp circuit if you head this route), you have the option to choose the no cord option. 
  • Custom Cord lengths: (+$37 & $3.10/ft added to base model)  if your installation requires a non-standard cord length (something longer than the standard 8ft cord 230V 20amp cord), we can have this custom built for you from the manufacturer without voiding the warranty. Please allow 2-5 extra business days for this option. Cost for this is $37 + $3.10/ft. Please specify at time of order whether you will be using a dedicated 15amp or 20amp circuit.


For custom options, we always find it best to contact us to discuss prior to ordering. We'd be more than happy to discuss and help with sizing.