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Atlantic Water Garden Pond-Free Waterfall Well / Pump Vault


Atlantic Water Gardens

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Atlantics heavy-duty one-piece rotomolded Pump Vaults offer all the strength and versatility you need for your Pond-free projects. Liberal volumes and copious flow capacities handle multiple pump configurations and larger pumps, while strong, tightly-fitting covers and generous openings provide easy pump and pipe access.

Vault Extensions, the same height as our EcoBlox, open the way for deeper basins, larger reservoirs and greater water volumes. Flat panels and multiple cut lines for various sizes of solid and perforated pipe allow almost limitless plumbing options, to easily accommodate any project from mighty waterfalls to rainwater cisterns and downflow bogs.

Pond-free Instruction Manual

Atlantics Eco-Blox and Pump Vaults make excellent, easy to maintain bog filters. When installed with perforated pipe underneath a field of Eco-Blox, the Pump Vaults act as distribution nodes and clean-outs for upflow bogs of any size and configuration. Pond water pumped into the bottom of the Eco-Blox matrix flows up through the chamber, shedding velocity and settling out sediment. Plants set in gravel on top of the Eco-Blox remove fine solids and nitrates. Simply flush the chamber from above into the pump vault to remove sediment. Visit Atlantic Water Gardens University for more in-depth information about bog filtration.

Optional Pump Vault Extension Add-Ons available for purchase