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Atlantic Water Gardens EcoKlean Oxy Pond Cleaner


Atlantic Water Gardens

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Atlantic Water Gardens EcoKlean Oxy Pond Cleaner is an effective, fast-acting and safe treatment to remove attached organics and algae stains from rocks, waterfalls, stream beds and other surfaces. The fast dissolving granules oxygenate the pond, remove odors and eliminate the need for pond clean-outs when used consistently.
  • Removes algae stains and debris from wide variety of surfaces
  • Works on contact to clean hard surfaces
  • Lifts debris to the surface of the pond
Always use as directed

SKU Size Treatment Area
WTEK1 1lb 400 Square Feet
WTEK2 2lb 800 Square Feet
WTEK10 10lb 4,000 Square Feet

PDF IconSafety Data Sheet

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