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Matala Circle Diffuser 8"



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Matala circle diffusers are made from recycled rubber with specially designed pore sizes to create fine air bubbles that release into the water. They are self-weighted so won't float and are fitted with the Matala 3 section hose joiner to connect to Matala self-weighted air hose. Using this type of diffuser and hose is a much better way of aerating a pond compared to aquarium type aerators with hose that floats around in the water and looks unsightly. The Matala diffuser and self-weighted air hose are black in color and sink to the bottom so they go unnoticed in a pond.

For use as an add on diffuser, or as replacement for MEA3000 Ez-Air Kit.

Each has a 3 size barb fitting  3/8", 1/2" & 5/8"