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CleanMax Oxy Pond Cleaner



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CleanMAX Oxy Pond Cleaner Deactivates and removes attached organic debris on contact.

Application Rates 

  • 1 oz Treats up to 25 SQ ft
  • 2 oz treats up to 50 SQ ft
  • 4 oz treats up to 100 Sq Ft. 
  • 8 oz treats up to 200 Sq ft

Instructions: Apply directly to the affected area once per week or as needed. Use the maintenance dosage of CleanMAX once a week to keep your waterfalls and streams looking pristine. For persistent Pond problems or heavy debris, double the dose and lightly scrub the treated area by hand with a course brush until desired results are achieved. 


  • Deactivates and removes attached organic debris on contact 
  • Activated peroxygen formulation
  • Safe alternative to copper based products