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Clear-Water Barley Straw Bales


Summit Chemical Co.

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The original and best-selling barley straw pond treatment from summit Keep your pond water clean and clear year-round Clear your pond, fountain and fish tank naturally Acts as a natural filter to keep your pond clean and clear

Cork Float Included With Barley Straw Mini Bale.

Barley Bales Instructions:

  • Calculate approximate water content of pond. Formula: Length x Width x Depth (in feet) multiply total by 7.5 to give formula in gallons.
  • Determine how many bale(s) are required to treat pond.
  • Place bale on the surface of the pond, preferably near waterfall or filter outlet. Do not allow bales to sink to the bottom of the pond. If bale sinks, remove from pond for 24 hours to dry then put it back.
  • Allow one month for the bale to become effective. Replace each bale after 6 months of use.
  • For continuous treatment, after 5 months, place a new bale next to the old one. Then remove the oldest one at the 6-month mark.
  • For best results keep barley straw bale floating on the pond year round.

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