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Color Changing Colorfalls Spillways


Atlantic Water Gardens

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Our Most Popular formal Spillway, Atlantic Water Garden's Color Changing Colorfalls add a whole new dimension to Formal Spillways. The modular body style offers easier maintenance, with a removable back for easy access and side plumbing ports. A more generous weir opening resists clogging and creates a thicker, fuller sheer for extra color and less wind deflection. The innovative modular design with easy to install threaded couplings makes connecting any number of falls together a snap! The LED light bar offers 48 vibrant color options and 16 patterns via remote control.

Color Changing Colorfalls Features:
  • Larger weir opening produces a thicker sheer, less splash, more color and less chance of clogging
  • Redesigned supports eliminate splitting of the water sheer and increase load capacity
  • 1½" FIPT side and back plumbing options for maximum versatility
  • Includes (2) 1½" plugs for unused plumbing inlets
  • Self-draining body for easy winterization
  • Removable baffle for easy cleaning and servicing
  • Color Changing LED light bar that is accessible from the rear of the unit
  • Removable back plate provides unparalleled access to the interior and light bar for routine maintenance
  • Includes threaded adapter for connecting multiple Color Changing Colorfalls
More Features:
  • 5" lip extension
  • 12-volt single control module with weather resistant outdoor enclosure & remote control
  • 20 power cord
  • 1-year warranty

View Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing Falls Instruction Manual (PDF)

Planning more than one Spillways and/or Multiple LED lights? Whether you want to create a single, seamless waterfall up to 15 feet wide, or to synchronize multiple Color Changing Colorfalls, the CCCM05 Master Controller Wiring Kit (sold separately) makes linking them simple. Just plug each LED light bar into the five-way splitter and synchronize as many as five different Color Changing Colorfalls with a single transformer and a single remote!

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