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Evolution Aqua evoUV UV Clarifiers for Ponds

Evolution Aqua

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The evoUV pond clarifiers are manufactured in house by Evolution Aqua. 

The design of these new UVs optimizes flow rates and improves energy efficiency, with the sole focus to deliver optimum performance at all times to clear green water in ponds which is caused by single-celled green algae.

evoUVs will work alongside many different filtration systems and are incredibly easy to install with flexible hose or hard pipe and can be easily fitted within existing pipework runs.

All evoUV models come with high output UV bulbs powered by energy efficient ballasts, all housed within a fully watertight, robust housing.

The new Evolution Aqua evoUV range are available now from Evolution Aqua stockists.


  • Eradicates Green Water in Garden Ponds
  • Features Highly efficient Ballasts
  • Easy to maintain, easy to install
  • Ballast located in a fully water-tight cover.  Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically
  • Connects to Flexi-hose or rigid PVC
  • 1.5 inch threaded inlet and outlet on all models
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 6 Different Sizes


Need replacement EvoUV replacement bulbs or other evoUV replacement Parts? Play It Koi carries all types,  just ask: Sales@playitkoi.com or (844) 752.9485