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QuickScrubber Tool + 2 Pads



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1 QuickScrubber with 2 pads, helps clean and prime EPDM; a scrub pad must be used to properly apply QuickPrime Plus.

The liner must be clean and dry in order to seam. Overlap approx. 6"of the
liner to be seamed. Scrub the area to be seamed with clean water and allow to dry, cleaning both liner pieces past where the seam tape will attach. Let dry. Place a
narrow strip of plywood under overlap for support while seaming. Use scrub pad to evenly apply QuickPrime Plus past where the tape will attach. Let dry to the point that it is tacky; not dry, not wet to the point of stringing out when touched.
Apply 6" wide single-sided tape to EPDM; (for large jobs, use 3" double-sided
tape between overlapped EPDM first, then 6" over the top). Press together
with a small silicone roller, pressing hard in all directions. Warm seam in sun or with a hair dryer. Let bond 24 hours then fill pond.

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