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Firestone QuickSeam Pipe Flashing 1" - 6"



Sale price $60.36 Regular price $78.98

These become a dream come true when you need to run your ponds plumbing through the EPDM pond liner and into the pond with a water tight seal.

Securely seal any piping into your water feature with the Firestone Quickseam Pipe Boot Flashing.

This flashing features a 13.25" diameter flange with an adhesive backing for secure installation. Add the stainless steel worm gear clamping ring to the flange at the necessary interval. This flashing will fit pipe with a 1" outer diameter to a 6.87" outer diameter.

Keep your pond fittings secure with the Quickseam Pipe Boot Flashing.

View installation Video for Firestone Quickseam Pipe Flashing

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