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If you've been thinking about investing in a Rotary Drum Filter for your pond, to ensure you have the cleanest, clearest water for your Koi with as little work as possible, but just haven't been able to find the filter that's right for you, then look no further because FREE Drum Filter is here. 

The FREE Drum Filter is at the intersection of functionality and beauty.

Made from Stainless Steel, these filters are durable enough to be placed in the ground and work well for years to come, but once you see it, you'll probably want a way to keep it on display.

FREE Drum Filters are created with the pond owner in mind, with careful attention paid to every detail, and outstanding support to ensure you have a clean pond and peace of mind for your fishy friends.

These filters are:





FREE Drum Filters must be shipped via freight, and do not qualify for free shipping. Once a filter is purchased, we will contact you with delivery instructions and an invoice for the current shipping costs to your location. There must be someone available to receive the shipment at the time of delivery.

  • Stainless steel construction including 70 microns mesh makes the filter strong and durable.                                                                                             
  • Low installation height (4 inches) from the pond water level to the top of the filter gives it very low ceiling clearance for gravity fed installations.
  • Open design, large sloping, straight and big port waste tray makes it easy for waste to be pushed out, easy access to remove leaves and large debris.
  • Filter mesh support bars are also designed to easily lift up leaves, string algae and large debris up to the waste tray.
  • The silicone sealing mechanism is UV-resistant, simple, and provides an excellent seal.
  • Transparent filter lid makes its easy to observe the operation, with access for maintenance while reducing operating noise.
  • Can operate in fully automatic mode (AUTOMATIC) or custom timer mode (MANUAL), equipped with counter of cleaning cycles.
  • Optimally designed to maximize submersed drum’s surface area for the most  flow in the smallest possible installation space.
  • Open design chambers for input/output water to easily observe the water level, degree of cleanliness and any debris or leaves.
  • Designed with maximum number of outlets and inlets that allow for installation of a gravity fed system with flow rate that remains stable and high.
  • Special stainless steel water-efficient spray nozzles provide high water pressure and high water penetration to help keep the mesh clean.
  • Equipped with bypass ports which can be manually opened to bypass the mesh drum to allow water to continue flowing in case of repair.
  • Control box features simple ‘plug & play’ design that makes it easy to use, stable and durable, with easy maintenance.
  • Low water warning and automatic power disconnect to the circuit pump when hooked up as described in user guide.
  • Optional IOT Box now allows you to monitor and control the filter from your iOS or Android Device.

Filter pricing includes the filter, a Spray pump and a Control box.

Model Flow Rate Size (LxWxH) Inlet and Outlet count

5,000 GPH

(20 m3/h)

15.8" x 18.9" x 19.3"

40cm x 48cm x 49cm

INLET Two(2) 3 Inch
OUTLET Two(2) 3 Inch

8,000 GPH

(30 m3/h)

21.7" x 19.7" x 19.3"

55cm x 50cm x 49cm

INLET Two(2) 4 Inch
OUTLET Two(2) 4 Inch

10,000 GPH

(35 m3/h)

23.6" x 23.6" x 24.0"

60cm x 60cm x 61cm

INLET Two(2) 3 Inch and Two(2) 4 Inch
OUTLET Three(3) 4 Inch

15,000 GPH

(60 m3/h)

33.5" x 23.6” x 24.0"

85cm x 60cm x 61cm

INLET Four(4) 4 Inch
OUTLET Four(4) 4 Inch



20,000 GPH

(80 m3/h)

41.3" x 23.6” x 24.0"

105cm x 60cm x 61cm

INLET Four(4) 4 Inch
OUTLET Four(4) 4 Inch



20,000 GPH

(80 m3/h)

33.5" x 27.6" x 28.0"

85cm x 70cm x 71 cm

INLET Four(4) 4 Inch
OUTLET Four(4) 4 Inch
FREE 100

25,000 GPH

(100 m3/h)

41.3" x 27.6" x 28.0"

105cm x 70cm x 71cm

INLET Five(5) 4 Inch
OUTLET Five(5) 4 Inch
FREE 120

30,000 GPH

(120 m3/h)

33.5" x 45.3" x 24.0"

85cm x 115cm x 61cm

INLET Seven(7) 4 Inch
OUTLET Seven(7) 4 Inch
FREE 160

40,000 GPH

(160 m3/h)

41.3" x 45.3" x 24.0"

105cm x 115cm x 61cm

INLET Eight(8) 4 Inch
OUTLET Eight(8) 4 Inch
FREE 200

50,000 GPH

(200 m3/h)

41.3" x 54.0" x 28.0"

105cm x 137cm x 71cm

INLET Ten(10) 4 Inch
OUTLET Ten(10) 4 Inch


 Additional Details

Model Bypass Port
Pump Feed Capable
Auto Fill Valve
FREE 80 (Long)
FREE 80-S (Short)
FREE 100
FREE 120
FREE 160
FREE 200

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