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Gardeneer Pond & Pool Netting


Dalen Gardeneer

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  • Specially designed & Highly-Rated Protective Floating Pond Net from Daner Products
  • Keep Critters out of your Pond - Protects valuable goldfish & koi fish from cats, birds, and other predators.
  • Catches falling leaves and other debris before it enters your pond.
  • Easy to use, and easy to stretch floating net over pond, pool or hot tub
  • Small 3/8" mesh size - small enough to catch falling leaves and debris
  • Polypropylene mesh with U-V inhibitors for long life.
  • Made in the USA.
  • For the protection of your koi against Heron, it is recommended to keep the net at least 12" above the water.
  • Designed to be anchored to the edge of the pond every few feet with weights, rocks, or landscape stakes/pegs (not included) to keep the net above the water.
Multiple sizes available to fit your needs
  • 7' X 10' (PN-10) 0-16069-00076-9
  • 14' X 14' (PN-14) 0-16069-00077-6
  • 28' X 28' (PN-28) 0-16069-00079-0
  • 28' X 45' (PN-45) - 0-16069-00394-4