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Hai Feng Koi Food - Quick Grow

Hai Feng

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QUICK GROW contains wheat germ which will help your Koi grow at a faster rate. It contains sufficient vitamins, organic minerals, vegetable protein, and wheat germ which can be easily absorbed and utilized; thus enabling the Koi to maintain their beautiful shape and growth and keeps your fish healthy through the Winter and all year round.

Quick Grow Ingredients: Wheat germ meal, White fish meal, Shrimp meal, Spirulina, Soybean meal, Dried sour whey, Dehydrated alfalfa, Brewers dried yeast, Various vitamins and minerals.

Quick Grow Guaranteed Analysis: 32% min. Crude Protein, 4% min. Crude Fat, 4% max. Crude Fiber, 10% max. Moisture, 16% max. Ash.

  • Med. Pellet - Approximately 1/8"
  • M-L Pellet - Approximately 3/16"
  • Lg. Pellet - Approximately 5/16"

Available in the Following Sizes:

  • 11 lb. (5 kg) - The 11 lb. bags have 5 individually sealed 2.2 lb. bags inside to keep the food fresh.
  • 33 lb. (15 kg) - The 33 lb. bags are just one big sack of food. To keep the food fresh, we recommend storing it in an airtight container like the Gamma Vittles Vaults, which can be purchased at most pet supply stores.
Available with the following Pellet Sizes: 
  • M-L Pellet - Approximately 3/16"
  • Lg. Pellet - Approximately 5/16"