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Hakko 250L Air Pump


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The Hakko 150L, 200L, and 250L are the latest air pumps in our line of Hakko Linear Air Pumps.

These high volume pumps are suitable for ponds or lakes larger than 12,000 gallons.

  • Very rugged, reliable and weather resistant.
  • Outlet fitting is 1" OD.
  • Power cord is 80 inches long (6.5 ft).
  • Cast iron body style.
  • 3 year Limited Warranty.
  • 110 Volt is standard. 220 volt is by special order.

HK 250L has a maximum air flow of 370 liters per minute. Max depth 13 ft deep.

Outlet fitting is 1" O.D. 6 foot power cord suppliedPump CUrve