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KH / Alkalinity Test Kit (60 Tests)



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The Aquascape KH/Alkalinity Test Kit measures KH and Alkalinity concentrations in ponds and aquariums. This easy-to-use kit provides accurate, laboratory-quality testing that is simple to complete with the provided step-by-step instructions. 60 tests are included in each kit and all necessary components are included. Carbonate hardness or KH/Alkalinity has an intricate relationship with pH and the buffering capacity of pond or aquarium water, making it important to monitor in certain ponds. The Aquascape KH/Alkalinity Test Kit is also ideal for optimizing the benefits provided by the Aquascape IonGen System.

Easily and accurately test your pond water KH/Alkalinity levels.
  • Measures KH/Alkalinity
  • 60 tests per kit

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