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Matala Koi Viewing Bowls


Sale price $54.00 Regular price $58.00

High-quality Koi Viewing Bowls. These are perfect for inspecting your koi. Also good for medicine bath tanks or photo tanks. Very affordable and built strong with UV protection.

Many uses including:

  • measuring koi
  • selling koi
  • moving koi
  • medicating koi
  • taking photographs
6 sizes to choose from!
Note: Due to their dimensions, Matala Koi Viewing Bowls and Tanks are considered oversize by FedEx / USPS/UPS. Shipping costs are high. If you'd like a custom shipping quote , please contact us before making a purchase. Often times bulk orders or group buys can be the most cost-effective way to go with these due to their size, shape, and ability to stack without taking up much additional space.