Matala Pump Defender

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Size: ID6" / OD10" x H 7.9" Green Matala - Matala Pump Defender
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Introducing the Matala Pump Defender – your ultimate solution for safeguarding submersible water pumps against troublesome clogs caused by debris.

Crafted with ingenuity, Pump Defenders offer an exceptional shield, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of water. Your pump is nestled within a resilient green density Matala basket, further cocooned by a protective nylon bag featuring a convenient drawstring closure.

By intercepting and containing hefty debris, these defenders act as a formidable barrier, preemptively filtering out potential blockages before they even approach the pump's intake. The result? A dramatic reduction in maintenance demands and a prolonged pump life, empowering you with more time to enjoy your water feature and less time tending to upkeep.

Choose Matala Pump Defender today and revel in a seamless pump performance that stands the test of time.

Choose from 4 different sizes.

Model Dimensions Suitable Matala Pump
MPD-6 Size : ID6" / OD10" x H 7.9", Green Matala G-2300
MPD-9 Size : ID9" / OD13" x H 7.9", Green Matala G-2300, G-3500, G-4200, G-4900, GM-3200, GM-3900, GM-4700, GM-5400, GM-6200
MPD-12-H Size : ID12" / OD16" x H 14.2", Green Matala G-4900, GM-6200, GHF-9000, GHF-13000, GHF-18000
MPD-12-L Size : ID12" / OD16" x H 7.9", Green Matala G-4900, GM-6200, GHF-9000, GHF-13000, GHF-18000

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