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Matala Pump Defender



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Pump Defenders are designed to protect your submersible water pumps from clogging with debris.
The pump sits inside a basket of green density Matala and then wrapped in a nylon bag with drawstring.
Heavy debris is filtered out before it reaches the intake of the pump, thereby reducing maintenance and extending the life of the pump.

Choose from 4 different sizes.

MPD-6 Size : ID6" / OD10" x L 7.9", Blue Matala
MPD-9 Size : ID9" / OD13" x L 7.9", Blue Matala
MPD-12-H Size : ID12" / OD16" x L 14.2", Green Matala
MPD-12-L Size : ID12" / OD16" x L 7.9", Green Matala

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